• The Land Cruiser 100 Series' 1HD-FTE engine has a wealth of unused power potential. Dubbed Toyota's greatest diesel engine ever created, it's relatively common to see instances of the engine racking up 6-figure mileage without any qualms whatsoever.
  • Fortunately for any Land Cruiser 100 Series fanatics out there, Unichip Europe (and the rest of the Unichip Family for that matter) have created arguably the best tuning solution on market. Using the latest Unichip technology, Unichip Europe offer both a custom install service, and our popular-as-ever "Plug and Play" ECU Tuning Kit - pre programmed and ready to easily fit on the comfort of your own driveway!
  • This particular case study features a Cruiser of which we hard-wired a Unichip Module between the vehicle's existing ECU and it's engine sensors - the Unichip Module and our tuners leave your ECU & it's original tune completely untouched. 

Land Cruiser Performance Upgrade | The Numbers behind the Tune.

Simply put: 

  • +40HP (horsepower) @ 2,500 RPM.
  • +144 LB-FT | 195.2 Nm (torque) @ 1,900 RPM.
  • 5 x Programmed Maps.
  • 0 - 60 MPH time reduced by 3 seconds.

?Land Cruiser 100 Series Performance and Stock Comparison graph with Unichip installed

Above: The Unichip Performance (High Boost) map in comparison to the vehicle's stock ECU file. A big difference!

?For those of you struggling to quantify these numbers, we'll make it a little simpler for you. A 2005 Ford Fiesta ST Line produces +140 LB-FT as standard. You do the maths - with the Unichip installed, it's like having a Fiesta ST crammed into your engine bay, on top of that monolithic 4.2L 1HD-FTE engine. 

An extra +40HP is no joke either. In many instances, a vehicle that started production in 1998 that's made to work is likely to have lost some horses along the way.

Tuning for Engine Condition

The majority of the Land Cruisers that arrive at our Essex - Based workshop (UK) have well over 150,000 miles on the clock. This gives our tuners a decision to make; do they tune the Unichip / Engine for the maximum amount of power, or do we produce a tune that respects the engine's condition?

The answer, and our ethos, is simple - to create a tune that does not compromise any of your engine or gearbox's mechanical components. The tune you receive is created with engine condition in mind - which is applied to both our custom fitted modules and our plug and play kits!

In fact, official Unichip Figures state a 99.75% success rate. One in four hundred (1/400) get removed, an installation success rate unrivalled by competing tuning box / chip tuning companies. 

Case Study | Programmed Maps 

In this example, the client opted for:

  • High Power (Throttle Booster) Map.
  • Economy Map.
  • Towing Map.
  • Anti - Theft Immobilizer Map.
  • Stock ECU Map.

These maps are available to switch in real time via the use of Unichip Europe's range of map switches, that can be mounted within your vehicle at arm's reach, via Bluetooth / Smartphone connectivity or through the use of one of our remote key fobs.

Watch our Unichip / Land Cruiser Installation Video Here!

With most custom fit Unichip Modules, the client has the opportunity to pick and choose the maps they'd like, depending on application. However, most opt for the maps that are pre-programmed onto our self fit ECU tuning kits (above). In some cases, client's opt for winch maps, off-road dulled throttle response maps etc. Get in touch with us for more information on what we can provide for your bespoke custom fit... 


Unichip Europe's Plug and Play Tuning Options.

Unichip Europe Land Cruiser 100 Series DIY - ECU Tune Kits are available to purchase on our e-commerce store. We provide a comprehensive installation guide which requires very limited technical knowledge to understand and install your device. It leaves no trace on your vehicle should you wish to remove it, and your Unichip Module is able to be retuned should you wish to get it re-programmed for use on your next vehicle. Even better - it allows you to fully benefit from the 100's of hours that we've spent meticulously tuning Land Cruisers - on your own driveway.   


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