Unichip Tuning | Toyota MR2 Roadster 1.8L VVT-i 16v

  • This week, we've had a visit from an old friend. A few years back now, Unichip Europe did a lot of turbo conversion tuning and development to this Toyota MR2 Roadster - and now it's back to reach it's full potential via a thorough tune with the Unichip.
  • For it's sporty looks and agile set up, the MR2 typically feels "underpowered". As many MR2 enthusiasts will already know, their stock ECU is unable to accommodate for turbo conversions. This puts our clients in a predicament - standalone / aftermarket ECU's are typically out of budget and are not really a viable tuning option.
  • But, the Unichip Module is more than capable of tuning these Toyotas - for a fraction of the price. Here's how we did it... 

MR2 Toyota Roadster ECU Tuning Unichip

The Tuning Process | Toyota MR2 Turbo Conversion

  • As previously mentioned, turbo conversions are not able to be set up with the MR2's stock ECU, making serious tuning gains notoriously difficult, especially when on a budget. A way to tune was needed for power, safety, reliability - and most importantly - cost effectiveness. Bang for your buck.
  • The tuning process began by loading and strapping down the MR2 onto our in-house 4WD Rolling Road. From here, we were able re-connect the Unichip module in order to get some live data on how exactly the vehicle was performing, across the entire rev range. 

toyota mr2 with unichip on dyno rolling road tuning

  • As the customer had just overhauled his turbo, the Unichip's existing tune needed a tweak. As with every Unichip module we install, or each module sold with our plug and play tuning kits, they're able to be re-programmed time and time again. This makes the Unichip a perfect addition to any long - term project car - as modifications get added, the Unichip can be retuned to accommodate accordingly.
  • After fine tuning & making several adjustments, we were able to get the 1.8L engine & turbo conversion running optimally, offering massive improvements to not only power, but power delivery - it's all well and good giving a vehicle more power, but without improvements to drivability, this power potential is completely wasted. 

Tuning Results - MR2 Roadster

  • From stock, the MR2 produces a fairly timid 140 BHP & 125 LB-FT (170Nm) - great for Sunday drivers & grandad's alike. And for a car under 1,200KG, that's more than enough fun for most people. But what if you're not "most people"?
  • With the turbo conversion & Unichip installed, the end product resulted in 236 HP with around 236 LB-FT of torque, too. 

dyno graph of MR2 with turbo conversion and unichip module

HP Increase: 140 HP >> 236 HP | +94 HP

Torque Increase: 125 LB-FT >> 236 LB - FT | +111 LB-FT 

  • These gains are very impressive, and offers a complete overhaul to drivability & throttle responsiveness - to something that weighs less than a bathtub. The Unichip makes turbo charger conversions affordable!


Drive an MR2 with a similar set up? Looking for a totally custom tune to match your driving style? Unichip Europe can help you. Contact us today for a direct consultation on what we can do for you and your vehicle.

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