This modified Vauxhall Astra has had some extensive modifications, the 1.6 engine has had a turbo conversion done to it along with supporting modifications such as 5th injector, full custom exhaust system, induction kit, and front mount intercooler.

Unichip engine mapping chip distributor in UK and Europe           

Obviously the stock engine management alone is not able to cope with these modifications however with the Unichip Q+ installed along with a turbo module it allows us to custom tune the vehicle for all the modification that have been done, this 1.6 Turbo Astra now puts out 180 bhp.

  • Allows custom tune for turbo conversion with Q+ and turbo module.
  • Up to 5 user switchable maps 
  • 3D mapped closed loop high/low boost maps, throttle booster also available.
  • No other ECU options is available that is as good and as affordable as the Unichip.