'07 Race-Spec Vauxhall Astra VXR | Unichip Tuning

  • For those needing a refined calibration for their race track endeavours without breaking the bank, the Unichip is the perfect tuning tool. We can control & manipulate turbocharger boost levels, ignition timing, fuelling, & N20 [Nitrous] activation / mapping to say the least. For 95% of Race-Spec applications, the Unichip is exemplary.

astra vxr race car chip tuning unichip installation

Above: Kitted out for some weekend fun...

  • This Vauxhall Astra VXR is a classic example to illustrate the potential of the Unichip. With it's 2.0L 16V Ecotec 4-cylinder engine producing 240HP from stock thanks to it's OEM uprated turbocharger & fuel injection system, it could produce 320Nm (235 LB-FT) and reach 0-60MPH in 6.2 seconds - 0.4 seconds slower than the newest Porsche Boxster at the time of production. 

roll cage vxr astra race spec unichip tuning

Above: Everything you'd come to expect from a Race-Spec vehicle. 

  • It will be of no surprise to you that underneath the bonnet remains largely untouched - there's a full custom exhaust, front mount intercooler & induction kit. Inside, it's not been totally gutted (creature comforts remain), but is now home to a roll cage & bucket seats. The perfect setup for those "casual" summer days at Donnington...

The Tuning Process | '07 Vauxhall Astra VXR Race Spec.

  • All vehicles undergo a thorough inspection prior to any form of tuning. This is an integral part of the tuning process - it mitigates risk & stops us from discovering any nasty surprises before it's too late.

ecotec 2.0l astra vxr tuning unichip chip tune standalone ecu piggyback

Above: Ecotec's need love too... 

  • Once complete, the Unichip is hard-wired in between the Vehicle's ECU & it's engine sensors - allowing the module to manipulate signals passing from the ECU through to the sensors. Once complete / inspected, the vehicle's then loaded on and strapped onto our in-house 4WD rolling road.

astra xvr race spec back view unichip tuning spoiler

Above: Note the subtle spoiler. Hardly noticeable!

  • Once installed, the Unichip is then live-mapped on our rolling road. With access to over 55,000+ tuning tables, we're not only able to create a polished tune specific to the vehicle, but do it quickly, too. This, in turn, keeps tuning / labour costs to a minimum.

Vauxhall Astra VXR | Unichip X | Tuning Results:

  • Taking into consideration the handful of engine modifications [just air-flow & cooling], we managed to achieve pretty substantial results.
  • Using the Unichip X Module to tune for the modifications, we've made 301.7HP - a resulting +61.7HP increase to the stock power figure.  
  • More impressively, torque has increased from 320Nm to a hefty 427.08Nm (235 > 315 LB-FT) - increasing by 85 LB-FT of torque.  

astra vxr race spec dyno tuning results unichip x module

Above: Unichip X Tuning Results...

  • We'll often see vehicles with similar set-ups (albeit not race-spec...); they'll have just a handful of modifications, with customers opting for a flash map as a means of tuning for the extra bits. 
  • Although not medically recognised, the pursuit of more power is an addiction. It's very common for us to tune engines and then see them a year or so later with a new turbo the size of a small country. Continually flash-mapping can be costly and inefficient, so if you're a budding track enthusiast or simply like tearing your modified vehicle up on a poorly surfaced B-road, the Unichip is for you. It can be re-programmed to account for further modification!

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