It's the UK's best selling pickup truck, it's built to last, and if you've opted for the top-of-the-range 210HP EcoBlue diesel, you won't be late for work ever again. Unless your job involves using the M25. 

We've identified some goodies available for purchase that'll make your New Ford Ranger even better. 

ford ranger - unichip blog post

1)  LED Under Arch Lights. 

We've come a long way since 2001. The neon days of the Fast & Furious franchise have passed, but are not forgotten.

ranger led lights lighting arch unichip blog

These days, LED lighting systems have a multitude of tasteful uses, for both inside & outside of your vehicle. 

hillbilly ranger led arch lights lighting arch unichip blog post

We've been recommended these ones, but there are plenty about on most wholesale / auction sights.  





Thanks to @hillbilly_ranger for providing pictures of his truck - give him a follow for more inspiration...

2) Back Bench Dampers.

"When the solution is simple, God is answering." - Albert Einstein. 

The Holy Spirit has taken the form of a Back Bench Damper. It'll make using your bed a hell of a lot easier, whilst also adding it to the long and elaborate list of things you can use one hand for. 

back bench dampers - unichip europe blog

Even Ford themselves state it's the "ultimate feel-good product for your Ranger" - which to me beg$ the question a$ to why they didn't provide you with one in the fir$t place... 

back bench dampers item - unichip europe blog

Find it here. You'll be pleased to know the official Ford Damper Kit is competitively priced, too - which you'd hope for. 


3) Aftermarket Alloys. 

The go-to aesthetical mod for any vehicle. Alloys have the power to completely transform the way your motor looks. 

wheelbasealloys product 1 - unichip europe blog

The Ford Ranger has been the UK's best selling pickup for the last 5 years. Stand out from the crowd with a new set of shoes... 

wheelbasealloys product 2 - unichip europe blog

Okay, so many day-glo yellow isn't the most practical colour for your truck. 

wheelbasealloys product 3 - unichip europe blog

These particular sets are from Wheel Base Alloys. If money's no object, buy new. Treat yourself.

But if you're on the 9 - 5 grind on and off the construction site, we think social media marketplaces are a great way to find a bargain. 

4) Unichip Europe's Plug and Play Kit. 


Map selection:

  • Performance Map.
  • Economy Map.
  • Off-road / Towing Map.
  • Standard Map.
  • Anti - Theft / Immobiliser Map.

These maps have been specifically tailored with the customer in mind, are all unique to each other (unlike many competitor chips...) and completely changes the driveability of your vehicle. Better yet, there's no trace of installation on removal - great for lease plans and those concerned with the long term effects of using our product. And it's self-installable in 30 minutes, too. 

ford ranger unichip x unichip europe blog

Anti-theft. Your Ranger will not turn over once this map is active. And with vehicle theft on the rise for the fifth consecutive year in the UK, having an extra level of security is probably a smart idea. Well, definitely. 

On removal, you're left with the harness & the Unichip module. Once you're done with your Ranger, you'll be able to re-programme your module with any qualified Unichip technician for use on your next vehicle!

Make sure you read the bottom of the post to find out how you can save on the cost of the Unichip Kit for your Ranger...

 Unichip Europe Plug and Play Kit Ford Ranger Ecoblue

Buy it on our shop here.

5) Electric Side Step Running Boards.

Whether you're prepping your truck for the next Bond film or simply need them for mobility, electronically controlled side step running boards add a touch of elegance & style to your Ranger. 

These aluminium running boards in question have a 300KG pay load, and with the average European adult weighing just over 70KG, you won't be breaking them anytime soon. Conventional side steps are prone to damage over rough terrain, so you're protecting your vehicle all the while.

Find out more over on

6) Drawer Systems & Tool Storage.

Finally. An add-on for your Ranger both you and your significant other can enjoy! Turn the back of your cab into a maze of storage systems & drawer space. 

storage and drawers ford ranger unichip blog

This company offer a tonne of 100% customisable storage facilities for your truck, ranger-ing (groan) from dog boxes, tool storage & gun drawers. 

ford ranger blog post ranger drawer space

Better yet, their no-drill system can be fitted to your off-road machine without compromising your manufacturers vehicle warranty, as well as offering an 800kg weight capacity on deck. 

7) Ranger Roof Light Bars.

The obvious modification choice for many Ranger fans - we couldn't leave this one out.

Illuminate your neighbour's living room and blind oncoming traffic for less than a tank of fuel. 

ranger roof bracket - unichip blog

One common grievance with adding a brick to your roof is an aerodynamics issue - many roof light brackets will likely result in a whistling sound at high speeds due to wind. But that's okay, because you always drive in accordance with the speed limit laws. 

ranger roof rack lights - unichip europe

Like we said. Relatively cheap, massively easier to traverse around the dark corners of the UK & an added angle for style points. We've found this one for £45 (excluding VAT). 

8) Lift Kits. 

If you want bigger wheels, get a lift kit.

If you want better off-road performance, get a lift kit.

If you want to Lord it over rush hour traffic, get a lift kit. 

roush suspension kit - unichip blog post

The Ranger Roush Fox Suspension Kit is a little pricey at a shade under £1,000. But saying that, you wouldn't buy your Nan a walking stick made of Liquorice. Would you?

You get what you pay for, and more often than not, it's worth paying a premium for the important bits.

9) Axle-Back Exhaust System. 

Your Ford Ranger's exhaust sound is probably the worst aspect of your truck (there's not many). The AFE Apollo GT Series Axle-Back is thoroughly recommended across the web, and once you hear the before / after, you'll understand why. 

Big difference. And by the sounds of it, it's relatively easy to install. The perfect accompanying product for your Unichip Plug & Play Kit maybe? Definitely. 

10) BONUS: Ford Ranger Tub Trailer.

Half-car trailers have been about ever since the invention of angle-grinders & beer. It was only a matter of time before a Ranger saved from the scrapheap was massacred & redeployed as a towing device.

Lukesbodyworks trailer - Unichip blog post

This is a creation of Luke Bodyworks - an Australian-based bodywork specialist catering for virtually any truck customisation your 4x4 heart desires.

lukebodyworks - unichip blog post  

The trailer's got added storage boxes located on the drawbar, as well as gas bottle holders. Not bad.


So, there we have it. 10 Ford Ranger accessories.

Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and some of them will drastically improve driveability, improve performance and pluck a hefty chunk of torque out of thin air.

Our Ranger Plug and Play Kit really is the ultimate accessory for your truck. +70ft-lbs of torque, an immobiliser & an economy map will add a smile to your face, vastly improve vehicle / job security & keep you saving on the 9 - 5. 

A 'free' Ford Ranger Unichip Kit...?

Your 213ps Ford Ranger does 40.9 MPG. The Unichip improves efficiency by 7 - 12MPG. Let's call it 9.5MPG. If you drive 10,000 miles a year, that's a fuel saving of over £250 by current UK fuel prices. That's £1,000 over 4 years

... that's a free Unichip Kit. Makes you think. 


Take me to your shop.