BMW is known throughout the world for their innovative use of technologies, reliability, and high performance. If you are fortunate enough to own a BMW, did you know that you can use a custom-made tuning kit to get even more power and torque from your car?

BMW engine tuning kits

Our BMW engine tuning kits are designed to extract the maximum potential from what is an already powerful engine.

Our BMW 330D E46 1999-2002 Standard Edition Tuning Kit is simple to install and comes with one pre-programmed map: Performance. This is designed to enhance drivability and give you a smoother drive. It is capable of adding an extra 34HP (power) and 73.8ft-lbs (torque).

The BMW 530D E49 2000-2003 Standard Edition Tuning Kit can offer gains of up to 25HP and 59ft-lbs.

The BMW X5 E53 3.0D 2001-2003 Standard Edition ECU Tuning Kit is easy to install at home and can give you an extra 27HP and 59f-lbs of torque.

All of our kits pose zero risk to your engine and can be removed without leaving a trace. A wiring harness is also included.

Why is a tuning kit needed?

One of the most frequently asked questions is "How come my car doesn't already have the maximum possible horsepower and torque?" There are actually several reasons.

Manufacturers have to meet certain regulatory standards when making new cars. This can often mean that they do not push things 'to the limit'. They will generally set parameters at mid-range rather than high or maximum. This is also for safety reasons as they have to cater for drivers who may not maintain their car properly or use the best fuel.

In addition to this, by not pushing things to the max, the car makers give themselves the opportunity to release 'newer' and 'better' versions. If they initially released one that offered the maximum performance that was achievable, they could not subsequently bring out an 'upgraded' version.

Can all cars be modified like this?

Some manufacturers 'lock' their ECU chips in order to prevent remapping, but most expert remapping companies are now able to circumvent these restrictions. Older cars (usually those made before 2000) might not be able to be remapped. Instead, they may need their ECU chips physically replaced or modified.

BMW engine tuning - What parameters are changed?

There are literally thousands of settings in a car's ECU. Those which affect performance that is most often adjusted as part of a remap include spark advance, pedal maps, torque limiters, throttle position, lambda correction, turbo boost pressure, and fuel injection quantity/duration/pressure. Sometimes these are increased, sometimes decreased, and sometimes the software is used to 'trick' the ECU to behave in a way that enables extra power/performance to be delivered.


Wrapping up

If you are fortunate enough to own a BMW, an engine tuning kit can enable you to extract even more power and performance from it. Go for it to make your BMW reach its optimum potential.


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