When it comes to finding the options available to upgrade the performance of your car, you can opt for any of the choices available on the market. These include fine-tuning, and cosmetic alterations, together with chipping, tuning, and remapping. The latter three options are very similar in terms of their objectives i.e. modifying the Engine Control Unit (ECU), but they are subtly different as to how they go about it.

What is chipping?

Chipping is the traditional method of increasing a vehicle's performance and efficiency by replacing the existing ECU with a new one which has a pre-programmed chip that enables optimal performance and power. This is a method that is predominantly used on cars manufactured before the year 2000 and usually involves soldering. Chipping creates a permanent change to the vehicle and its ECU.

What is remapping?

Remapping involves reprogramming (or 're-mapping') the ECU to optimise its overall performance. By changing some of the pre-programmed parameters, this process can increase horsepower and torque, improve fuel efficiency, and enhance power delivery and acceleration.

The remapping process is usually carried out by connecting a computer to the diagnostic port of the car and then uploading the new software to the car's ECU. It does not require the removal of the ECU.

ECU tuning

In a similar vein to remapping, ECU tuning involves adjusting the settings within the ECU in order to optimise the performance of the car. Again, it does not usually require the removal of the ECU. This option usually involves the use of specially designed tuning 'kits'.

Toyota engine tuning kits


Our Toyota engine tuning kits are custom-designed to provide the best upgrade possible for each specific Toyota model. The kits are pre-assembled and ready for you to install at home at your leisure.

The kit for the Toyota Hilux/Fortuner (D-4D DOHC I4) 2005-2010 features one 'performance' custom map that is capable of boosting horsepower by as much as 14%, and torque by as much as 13.5%.

The Ultimate Edition kit for the Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series (2012+) features 5 unique 'maps' to choose from (Anti-theft, Standard/OEM, Economy, Off-road/towing, and Performance). Each of these has a different focus and is designed to enhance your driving experience. The Performance map can give a 35% increase in torque and 26% increase in horsepower, whilst the Economy map can enable a gain of up to 12 MPG.

The kit for the Toyota Hilux 2016 to 2020 2.4 and 2.8 is available in a basic or ultimate edition. The basic edition has one pre-programmed map (offering increases of 20bhp and 44ft-lb), whilst the Performance map in the ultimate edition offers gains of more than 20% in both horsepower and torque.


In conclusion:

The main difference between chipping and remapping is that chipping involves the removal and replacement of the ECU, whilst remapping is achieved by accessing the ECU's system and making changes electronically to the software. Remapping/ECU tuning is typically quicker and more cost-effective. It is also reversible, unlike chipping.

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