The Ford Transit Custom EcoBlue is an updated version of a classic offering that has been a regular fixture on Britain's roads since way back in 1965 when it was first launched. This model has a number of great features which we explore here.

1. EcoBlue diesel engine

The 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engine was launched with a claim that it could save the average Transit Custom driver over £1,000 a year on fuel. This engine complies with the strict Euro6 emissions standards and significantly reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

2. Updated interior and extra stowage

The cabin design is significantly different, featuring a new dash and instrument layout, including an 8-inch touchscreen. The seats have been re-designed for greater comfort/support whilst maintaining the traditional three-person layout. There is significantly more interior stowage around the cabin, with three dash-top open stowage areas, storage under the seat base, and a concealed, lockable glove box.

3. Intelligent technology

There are a number of useful intelligent-tech features in this model. Intelligent Speed Assist enhances your speed control and ensures that you don't exceed the speed limit. Active Park Assist makes parking stress-free by identifying suitable spaces and steering you in and out. All you need to do is brake/accelerate as directed. The Blind Spot Information System uses radar to spot vehicles that may be hidden in your blind spot. Hill Start Assist prevents you from rolling when attempting a hill start, giving you more time and control. The smart headlights use a sensor and adjust themselves based on the prevailing light conditions and Auto High Beam temporarily dips your headlights when it senses oncoming traffic.

4. Auto start/stop

This technology switches off your engine, whilst keeping the essentials such as radio, headlights, and air-con 'alive' when you stop at traffic lights or are idling in a queue. When you are ready to move, simply press the accelerator (in an automatic) or press the clutch and select your gear as normal (in a manual). This feature is particularly valuable in towns and cities where it can cut fuel consumption by as much as 10%.

5. Ford Sync Emergency Assistance

Providing added peace of mind, this feature can prove invaluable in the event of an accident. If the airbag is deployed or the fuel pump is deactivated, this technology helps connect you to the emergency services provided you have a Bluetooth-paired and connected mobile phone. You can choose to end the call if it is not serious or talk to those services. In addition, the system can provide pinpoint GPS coordinates so you can be easily located.

Extra power

For those wanting to extract even more power from their van, there is now a unique tuning kit available that can add an additional 43.3HP and 115 LB-FT of torque.

All in all, the Ford Transit Custom EcoBlue is a reliable and high-quality van with numerous great features. It is understandably one of the most popular UK vans.