The Toyota Land Cruiser tuning kit is one of the most popular devices that we stock here at Unichip, and for very good reason. This tuning kit is completely safe to use, having been rigorously tested and refined to deliver an extra 40 horsepower from your engine without any adaptation or risk to your vehicle's mechanical components.

Benefits offered by performance chip for the Toyota Land Cruiser

This kit will deliver up to five key "maps", or benefits to the operation of your vehicle.

  • 1. It delivers an active anti-theft immobilisation. Unlike most immobilisers which prevent the engine from turning over, ours allows the vehicle to start but delivers no throttle response when the accelerator is depressed. The noise of the engine, combined with the lack of movement, creates an effective deterrent to thieves.
  • 2. You get a visual comparator between your vehicle's original performance and its new, upgraded performance. It also delivers engine diagnostics at a glance.
  • 3. The kit improves your vehicle's fuel economy. It achieves this by smoothing out your throttle control and providing more power in the lower rev ranges, allowing you to reach a comfortable cruising speed in a more efficient manner.
  • 4. The increased power in the lower rev range offers increased towing and offroading ability. It makes it easier to navigate sharp inclines and to handle heavy loads.
  • 5. Finally, and perhaps the most popular reason for owners of Toyota Land Cruisers to buy this kit is the increase in horsepower that it delivers. You can extract up to an additional 40 horsepower from your engine with the installation of this performance chip without risk to your engine, gearbox or other mechanical components.

Performance chip for the Toyota Land Cruiser price

There are two choices available for those looking to purchase a Unichip performance chip for their Toyota Land Cruiser. The first offers one pre-programmed map for a price of £695, whilst the second offers all five maps for a total cost of £985.

The performance kit consists of a pre-programmed Unichip "X" module, a plug and play wiring harness to allow you to connect the kit to your vehicle and the number of maps that you have purchased. A map switch will need to be purchased separately to allow you to switch between maps when necessary. We offer a choice of Bluetooth, rotary switch, keyfob or membrane switch to suit your preferences and budget.

DIY installation is recommended and we provide easy to follow instructions that will have you up and running in a short space of time, also saving you money on engineer's fees.