We start with a brief look at ignition timing. Put simply, as the piston moves up and down in its cylinder, ignition timing is the point at which the spark plug delivers its spark to ignite the fuel, thereby causing combustion. This is highly sensitive and precise. In modern engines, it is controlled by an ECU or Electronic control unit.

The standard factory-installed settings in the unit will be set up in a fairly generic way to take into account the key factors in day-to-day motoring, such as fuel consumption, emission controls, the differing quality of petrol or diesel available and the general wear and tear on the engine. It may seem strange that a car manufacturer would stifle the true potential of one of its products but the cautious and diverse nature of the mass market makes it understandable: they need to try to be all things to all drivers and locations. Of course, every different type of engine will be set up differently, but they can all be more or less manipulated aftermarket to deliver that all-important engine performance upgrade, which is where Unichip comes in.

In what ways can I achieve an engine performance upgrade?

Before the Unichip Tuning Module came along, you had the choice of an expensive mechanical upgrade at a specialist garage, which was often irreversible. Alternatively, you could have taken your car to be re-tuned or remapped by a specialist, manipulating the software in the ECU. While this may give improvements in a certain area, the range of upgrades it provided was limited relative to the cost involved.

The Unichip module is completely different, it is a universal multi-processor Piggyback ECU. It is fitted between the car's standard ECU unit and the data sensors. This requires no alteration to either, it simply intercepts the data and manipulates it to maximise performance while staying well within the acceptable boundaries with which your car's standard factory parts can cope. The safety and reliability of your vehicle are of prime importance.

The module is installed by our highly trained team of expert fitters who will calibrate it to suit your car's engine. Typically, this will give you 5 different maps that you can change at the flick of a switch or the dab of a finger on the screen if you choose the Bluetooth option. They will all be unique, covering a range of factors, including ignition timing. The goals may be anything from maximising power to minimising fuel consumption. The choice is yours.

Engine performance upgrade, a new era:

The Unichip Tuning Module is like no other form of ECU mapping. It finally puts the driver where they belong, in control. Whether you have a passion for off-roading, track days, or just the joy of the open road, you can achieve the full potential from your vehicle. Covering a wide range of factors from ignition timing to fuel / air mix, the module and the various maps deliver unparalleled performance within safe bounds.