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Exemplary ECU Tuning. 

We are not chip tuners.

We are not remap merchants.

Unichip Europe are a team of dedicated vehicle tuning specialists, trained to use one of the most versatile & powerful ECU tuning components in the world.

The Unichip Module is a fully functioning, universal multi-processor ECU tuning tool.

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Expect more.

Unlike rudimentary chip tuning and basic remapping services, the Unichip adjusts more than just an engine’s fuel & ignition requirements. There are a myriad of other engine parameters it can control, which gives our experts MUCH more control & refinement when it comes to tuning your vehicle.

Transparency & professionalism.

We know that similar services will often manipulate figures, knowing a large percentage of their clients will never know any different, nor find out; and in some instances, lack the technical aptitude to deliver the best performance tune for your money.

Not with us. Flawless ECU Tuning.



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How does the Unichip work?

Unichip works by altering & optimising the original factory settings of a vehicle. Simply put, by working with & intercepting your factory ECU’s original settings, the Unichip will control power delivery using many different engine signals, & with consideration of many different environmental factors - delivering a multi map ECU Tune unlike no other. 

Typically, your Unichip module will have 5 separate maps you’re able to choose in real-time – they’re all distinctly different & each offer a unique user experience. So, whether you feel like saving on fuel, or switching to performance mode on the open roads – we’ve got you covered. 

Our only interest is giving you the maximum amount of power, as safely as possible. Your engine’s integrity is our priority, and in most cases, a good tune will generally improve engine longevity.

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 Unichip Europe Brochure Page 14 - How Unichip Simplifies Advanced Tuning



Unlock the true potential of your car.

Boost Performance and Increase Fuel Economy the right way, without risk of damaging your vehicle. 

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 Why Use Unichip?





When a "Unichip Self Fit ECU Tuning Kit" is installed it never leaves any trace on your car. If your car is under warranty or through a hire purchase agreement, you can rest assured that the Unichip Self Fit Kit will not tamper, change or leave any footprint on your car.




Competitor modifications such as chip tuning products & rudimentary ECU remaps are often crude and simple. Figures are often manipulated, and often, performance results do not reflect reality. Unichip undergoes vigorous independent testing and our results speak for themselves. Contact us for more details about Unichip. 




Gains of around 8-10% are normal once a Unichip has been installed, as measured on a rolling road. On turbo petrol and diesel cars gains of 30% have been independently verified. How much you can extract from your car depends on the specifications and conditions of your car and engine. No two cars are the same, and your dealer will use before and after tests so you can objectively examine the results of having a Unichip.



 Fuel Economy

In many conditions, Unichip will improve fuel economy as many modern fuel injected vehicles waste fuel by running very rich air/fuel ratios at part throttle openings. The Unichip can correctly optimise the air/fuel ratio over 12 throttle positions to maximise fuel economy for cruising and part throttle running.



With Unichip you can rest assured that your vehicle will be secure as the select-and-lock of Unichip will ensure that your car is safe when it is parked and unattended. If anyone does try to start the car, it will turn on but the engine will not start.


 Multi - Map Availability.

There are a number of different maps that you can set your Unichip to when it has been installed. You can have up to five maps from power limit function maps, to aggressively tuned maps, and everything in between. When the Unichip is installed, a press of the button will change the entire performance and character of your vehicle - depending on your application.



 Unichip Features: 


  • Multi-processor computer for a new level of engine management.
  • Custom-engineered software for your engine only, with your specific performance components.
  • Adds power to stock and modified engines – with up to 30% more power.
  • Works with a variety of cold air intakes, exhaust systems and other performance components.
  • Dyno-tested and field-tested to ensure maximum reliability over the lifetime of your engine.
  • Crafted to output power more smoothly, eliminating weak areas in the power curve.

  • Safely maximizes engine power output across the entire RPM band.
  • Does not permanently or temporarily alter the factory computer software.
  • Custom tunable for custom add-on components for the most power.
  • The U-Fit range has invisible installation, no footprint and is easily removable.
  • Equal or better fuel mileage - varies by application.
  • No high-octane fuel requirements.
  • Available for most vehicles.

If you require any assistance about Unichip, please get in touch with us at Unichip UK. 



Our History.

Unichip was invented in 1995, to enable a skilled ECU tuner to modify & customise a car’s electronics to increase performance. The Unichip undergoes continual development, and the manufacturer of Unichip (Dastek) use the latest design and production techniques to create a universal performance remappable ECU system, that works with the majority of the world’s car manufacturers.


Unichip Europe are a dedicated team of expert vehicle tuners, located in Basildon, Essex – an area notorious for its rich pedigree in vehicle modification and tuning culture.

A car’s tune is only as good as the person behind the laptop. With over 20 years of experience in both motorsport & road-going tweaking, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in great hands.

Our state-of-the-art 4WD rolling road is one of the most capable the south-east of the UK has to offer. Pair that with a dedicated team who seek fulfilment from getting the absolute best out of a vehicle, and you’re left with Unichip Europe – a formidable force in the tuning industry.


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