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With access to over 55,000+ tuning tables & capable of controlling a myriad of engine parameters, the Unichip Module [our Piggyback ECU] is the most viable choice of custom engine tuning tool for those looking for a cost effective live-tuning solution.  


 Rapidly superseding generic flash maps for stock engines & technically rivalling far more expensive standalone / aftermarket ECU systems, the Unichip Module is universally the perfect choice of tuning module for virtually any project.  


So, if you're looking for a truly tailored live-engine tune on a rolling road & access to up to 5 separate maps that are written for your exact vehicle requirements and personal preferences, look no further. The Unichip is for you.  






Unichip Dealer Installation


What to expect.

5 star service. Dramatic improvements to power & driveability. A safe tune. 

What to expect depends on your own personal preferences. Our tuners start from scratch with every calibration, creating a truly custom tune suited to your driving style & application. Here's a few things to consider:

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Multi Map Technology.

Most Unichip Modules are capable of storing up to 5 maps, available for you to switch in transit. These can consist of anything from anti-theft technology maps, fuel economy maps & race / performance maps, or more niche maps such as water-methanol injection control & even winch maps. 


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Real Time Calibration.

Every Unichip Calibration is live tuned on our in-house 4WD rolling road in real time, capable of measuring up to 1,200HP at each axle. With access to 55,000+ tuning tables, we're able to tune for every 200th/1,000th RPM, creating a sculpted set of tuning files in the space of a few hours.

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Performance figures are heavily dependant on the aspiration of your engine. With naturally aspirated stock engines, you can expect a 8 - 10% increase in power. Stock turbo'd engines can expect anywhere from a 20 - 30% increase. We've seen improvements in excess of 150%+ with modified engines.



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Safe Gains.

Every tune created by Unichip Europe has safety at the forefront of the project. No ifs or buts. We'll comfortably reach your engine's potential without detriment to your engine's health. We've been tuning high performance vehicles for a long time; we know what we're doing.


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Cost Effectiveness.

Most applications (but not all) of the Unichip are in modified vehicles, where generic flash maps are rendered unviable & the standalone ECU route is too costly.
Pricing starts from £450+VAT for N/A engines, including the cost of module, installation & calibration.


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Quality is the underpinning of a successful tune. Our modules are proudly manufactured in South Africa's "Silicon Valley".
Our tuners have a rich pedigree in developing tunes for a multitude of racing teams, 4x4 expeditioners & X-rated street vehicles across the UK & Europe.


Your free consultation.  

Get in touch with us day for a free consultation. You can contact us over the phone Monday - Friday, 9AM - 5:30PM GMT. Alternatively, send us an email detailing your vehicle, registration number & it's specification.




The Installation Process.

1. The installation process is pretty simple. Before we install the Unichip on your vehicle, we'll discuss your power requirements / expectations, vehicle application, map selection & pricing via consultation.

2. On arrival, your vehicle will be subject to inspection for us to determine it's condition. It'll then be strapped onto our 4WD Rolling Road Cell, where we'll conduct a baseline power test & the assessment of current engine performance.

3. Once we're happy, your recommended Unichip Module will be hardwired into your engine bay, between the vehicle's existing ECU and engine sensors. It's important to note that your engine's mechanical & electronical components remained untouched during the entirety of the installation process.

4. From here, your vehicle will then be optimised and fine-tuned by one of our specialist in-house tuners. Various RPM ranges & different load ranges are assessed & then tuned through the Unichip Module. These are incrementally increased, creating a perfect tune throughout the entire rev range that's not only optimised for your exact specification over multiple maps - but for your own personal driving style, too.

5. The installation process continues until the map(s) have been fully constructed. We'll then perform further power runs to highlight the performance before & after your Unichip installation. We'll then road test it, to ensure everything is in order before we arrange collection with you.


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 View our Tuning Portfolio.

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Our tuning portfolio is free for our customers to browse. Can't find your car? Contact us - the Unichip is a viable tuning solution for 98% of vehicles on today's roads. 


Headquarters | Unichip Europe's Location.

Unichip Europe's headquarters are in Basildon, Essex, UK. We're a 30 minute drive away from Central London (and a 25 minute drive back...).

We are located in very close proximity to the A127 & the M25. 

If you're planning a long distance journey to reach us, please do notify our staff of your location during your consultation so we can pick a calibration time slot that suits your needs.

Contact Unichip Europe 

Looking for a Closer Dealership?

Whilst we have several Unichip dealership branches scattered around the UK & Mainland Europe, not all of them are able to create custom calibrations. Here's where to find them:

Unichip Dealer Network 



Unichip Europe Map Location car tuning in essex london and south east england 



Why Use Unichip?

The method in which a Unichip is installed is far superior to regular re-flashes in that a Unichip is installed live. With the Unichip product your dealer will wire it into the car on the rolling road, so that your dealer can adjust the tuning parameters while the car is running. Through this, your dealer can increase fuel pressure and see the resulting engine horsepower increase. Conversely, if your dealer decreases fuel pressure, they can see the possible tuning benefit.

The real-time benefits of a Unichip mean that is far superior to other methods of modification. If you have a different turbo charger on your car, any re-flash product cannot be developed in any sensible timeframe or at any reasonable cost. With the Unichip, because a dealer can tune it live, you can get the best out of any modifications up close and in real time, and get those modifications working in the most optimum way.


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