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Unichip is a physical map based system that will track driver demand and RPM and manipulate those signals to increase fuel pressure and boost pressure in a very specific way. The Unichip can manipulate throttle maps, injection pump timing as well as manipulate spark timing on a petrol engine with total accuracy.

The alternative to this is a re-flash but this is a one-time solution and you can never be sure what you are doing to your car. It is only with Unichip and the ability to live tune your car that you can really see the effect each modification has to your car.

Like any product on the market, the Unichip is not appropriate for every car – but when it is suitable – it is the perfect solution if you are looking to modify your car. The Unichip is an excellent way to tune cars that is far better than a re-flash, but seriously cheaper than a full standalone ECU replacement.

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Why Use Unichip?

The method in which a Unichip is installed is far superior to regular re-flashes in that a Unichip is installed live. With the Unichip product your dealer will wire it into the car on the rolling road, so that your dealer can adjust the tuning parameters while the car is running. Through this, your dealer can increase fuel pressure and see the resulting engine horsepower increase. Conversely, if your dealer decreases fuel pressure, they can see the possible tuning benefit.

The real-time benefits of a Unichip mean that is far superior to other methods of modification. If you have a different turbo charger on your car, any re-flash product cannot be developed in any sensible timeframe or at any reasonable cost. With the Unichip, because a dealer can tune it live, you can get the best out of any modifications up close and in real time, and get those modifications working in the most optimum way.





Having a Dealer Fit Unichip For You

The Unichip gives you the ability to modify the ignition and fuelling on a car, so that you can precisely control engine performance. If you choose to have a Unichip fitted by a dealer, they will install the system onto your car. The car will then be loaded onto the ‘rolling road’ where a baseline power test and assessment of engine performance test will be carried out. The car will then be optimised and fine-tuned by the operator, so it can be assessed through various RPM ranges and different load ranges. The area will be tuned perfectly through the use of a dyno screen to see if more power is really being created. Engine load and RPM will then be increased so that the engine is tuned perfectly in every situation – each time creating more power and optimising fuel economy.

This process will continue until a map has been built. The dealer will then perform further power runs to highlight performance before and after Unichip installation. The car will then have a road test to ensure it is safe before it is returned to the customer.

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Unichip Dealer Fit Features:

  • Custom tuned for any car modification.
  • Up to five different performance maps.
  • Anti-theft immobilizer map.
  • Can be removed and installed on your new vehicle.

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