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  • Proven product with excellent resale potential. 500,000+ units sold worldwide, across 57 countries. green tick
  • Full comprehensive training provided. Learn how to live tune a vehicle on your Rolling Road set-up. green tick
  • The Unichip Dealer Start-up Pack - comes with a range of Unichip modules, Tuning Modules / Cables, Accessories & access to the Dealer Website. green tick
  • Client retention. Create a working relationship with your clients, re-programming their module to compensate for further hardware modifications / new vehicles. green tick
  • Power to the Tuner - Develop a unique tune for your customer, tailored to their own needs. Take advantage of a multitude of engine tuning parameters. green tick
  • Universal Application - The Unichip Module works on 98% of road-going vehicles - from 4x4's to sports cars. green tick

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