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Become a Unichip Europe Dealer 

Unique Tuning Opportunities.

  • After qualifying to become a Unichip Dealer, you'll have complete control over developing your own engine tunes, completely tailored towards each specific application.

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  • You'll create meaningful working relationships with your clients, constructing and altering unique tuning files using our re-programmable module, as their project vehicle grows.

X Module - Become a Unichip Dealer - Piggyback ECU Tuning

  • You'll also be adept at tuning with the Unichip on vehicles at every stage of tuning, creating multi map tunes designed for a litany of uses.

Unichip X Module - Piggyback ECU Tuning - Become a Unichip Dealer

  • So, if you're truly passionate about engine tuning, have access to a rolling road & are keen on learning more about the most powerful ECU tuning tool on the market, apply today! 


Why use the Unichip Module?

  • Piggyback ECU's such as the Unichip Module are a cost effective means of tuning across the board. State of the art ECU systems found in newer vehicles are becoming increasingly difficult to remap; manufacturers are making it more difficult to "crack" security measures put in place to modify their original files.
  • Equally, on the other side of the spectrum, standalone ECU's commonly used to tune high performance and / or modified vehicles are extremely expensive. In most cases, a large proportion of the tuning parameters available to customise from aftermarket ECU's are not needed, whilst the Unichip is able to access the important parameters you've come to expect with those kind of systems.
  • Below are just some of the reasons to consider using the Unichip Module & to become an Official Unichip Europe Dealer

 Becoming a Unichip Dealer - Resale

Resale Potential.

500,000+ units sold across 57 countries globally can't be wrong. The resale potential of the Unichip Module is lucrative due to the massive list of tuning possibilities it holds.

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Full Training.

Unichip Europe are global leaders when it comes to developing the most powerful tunes in the Unichip Family. Take advantage of our comprehensive 1-1 training with those who do it best.

 Unichip Dealer start up package icon

Dealer Start-up Package.

Upon qualification, you'll be supplied with a range of Unichip Modules (x3), tuning modules / cables & accessories, with a retail value close to the original cost of the Sign-Up package.


 re-programming unichip resale icon

Client Retention.

Develop your tune as your client makes further hardware modifications. Re-programme their module as necessary for a small fee & build trust in your local tuning community.

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Universal Application.

The Unichip Module is able to be used to tune 98% of vehicles on the road today, with the exception of EV's & older engines without an ECU unit. Stock vehicles, slightly modified and high performance.

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Say goodbye to "map loading". Wherever you are on the tuning spectrum, it's time to take back control & start developing your own unique tunes based on each individual application.


Enquire about becoming a Unichip Dealer.

  • Naturally, becoming a Unichip Dealer isn't for everyone. The ideal candidates will be able to demonstrate competence in vehicle tuning, will have access to a rolling road (4WD is a distinct advantage) & will need to show a true passion for tuning & learning more about the industry.
  • We welcome those from any "stage" of tuning; whether you're just emerging into the industry or simply see the value in using a proven & cost effective tuning solution - as long as you've got the facilities, we've got the solution. 
    Simply fill out this form below: 


Why do you want to become a Unichip Dealer? Is there anything you can tell us about yourself that may grant you a successful application?

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