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Plug and Play with Unichip Power Plug


About the Unichip U-Fit PowerPlug

If you do not have the time to take your car to a certified Unichip dealer, Unichip PowerPlug is the Unichip range of products that can be installed easily and quickly by you at home. Fitting a Unichip PowerPlug is easy, reliable and quick and you can remove it anytime, anywhere should you wish to service or replace your car.

The easy fit system brings all of the advantages of Unichip but removes all of the time and expense involved in visiting a Unichip dealer.

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Why Use the Unichip U-Fit PowerPlug?

The Unichip Powerplug system features all of the great features of a dealer fitted Unichip including; increased power and performance, better fuel consumption and more car security. Most importantly – the Unichip PowerPlug will leave no footprint on your vehicle. You can quickly remove and install the Unichip PowerPlug onto your car, but most importantly there is no wiring, tampering or changes made to the internal systems of the car. If your car is under warranty or from a hire purchase agreement – you may be worried about this – but the Unichip U-Fit PowerPlug means that there will never be anything left behind when it is removed.







Unichip U-Fit Features:

  • Plug and play system.
  • Easily removed.
  • Anti-theft immobilizer map.
  • Can be custom tuned at a Unichip dealer.
  • Protects vehicles under warranty and hire purchase agreements.











Fitting a Unichip U-Fit PowerPlug

Although compatible with a number of selected vehicles, you will first need to ensure that a Unichip PowerPlug is suitable for your car. We are continuously building and developing our database of vehicles, and the best thing is to get in touch with us at Unichip UK, so we can identify what is the best package for you. Once we know your type of vehicle we will find the correct files, and order the right wiring and harness. We then send these materials to you in the post. When you receive your package, you simply unplug the ECU wiring and fix the Unichip between the male and female plugs.

The Unichip PowerPlug is available for most diesel and petrol vehicles with electronic systems. For more information and help about fixing a Unichip to your vehicle, please get in touch with us at Unichip UK.




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