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Plug and Play with Unichip Power Plug

Fall in love with driving again.

Unichip Europe’s Plug and Play range is a collection of uniquely crafted kits, which are developed in-house by some of Europe’s most experienced & talented engine tuners.

Our kits are exclusive, and our selection is refined. We will only make a kit available to the public that we know will completely transform the way a vehicle performs, but most importantly, how it feels when you are behind the wheel.  

Why settle for less?

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Why use our Plug and Play range?

It’s not just all about power. The Unichip system is a feature rich, multi-processor ECU tuning tool.

Your 5 pre-programmed maps do so much more.

Take advantage of our Economy map, designed to take away the one variable stopping you from driving economically – you. A map that dulls throttle response, gives you enough power to reach cruising speed quickly, and is intelligent enough to give you more power in the event of getting you out of a sticky situation.

Depending on the spec of your vehicle, our Anti – Theft map will either act as an immobilizer OR completely negate throttle input once active – rendering your vehicle useless to potential thieves. A unique feature to Unichip. Controllable from our IOS / Android App.

Performance. Drivability. Enjoyment. Unlike rudimentary remaps & cheap tuning boxes, Unichip controls a myriad of engine parameters, completely overhauling and refining the way your engine responds. More torque is typically available lower in the rev range, creating an unforgettable driving experience.  

There is no wiring, tampering or changes made to the internal systems of your vehicle. This makes the Unichip a great choice if your car is under warranty or a hire purchase agreement – no footprint is left upon removal.

Better yet, the Unichip Module is re-programmable. It’s an investment you’re able to use year after year – simply take your module to an authorised Unichip dealer, get it re-programmed for a fraction of your purchase cost and continue to reap the benefits in your next combustion engine vehicle.









Unichip Self Fit - Why choose Unichip Chip Tune ECU





Unichip Europe Self Fit Plug and Play Kit 2

Unichip: Plug & Play Kit Features.

 An easily installable plug & play system.

 No footprint / trace on removal. Ideal for vehicles under warranty / HPA*.

 No risk to engine component integrity.

 Anti - Theft immobilizer map on all premium kits (5 map). 

Re-programmable module for use on your next vehicle.

 Can be custom tuned at your local Unichip Dealer.

Credible power & economy gains. Complete transparency. 

*Hire Purchase Agreement. 




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Fitting a Unichip Plug & Play Kit.




Fitting your Unichip Plug and Play kit at home is simple. Simply unplug your vehicle's existing ECU wiring, fasten the Unichip between the male & female plugs, and you're done. Very minimal technical / mechanical knowledge is required.

And because our kits were made by us using the very same vehicle you've bought for, we'll know exactly where your ECU is located & how to help you - in case you get stuck. 

Once you hit "BUY NOW", your order is assembled & programmed by hand in our UK-based workshop - with all of our tuning files created by us in-house. A short while later, your key to an upgraded vehicle will be in the sole hands of a courier.

TIP: A quick search of your vehicle's registration number should be carried out by you before you hit buy; this is to ensure the Kit you're interested in matches up to your vehicle's engine code.

Unichip Plug & Play Kits are available for diesel and petrol vehicles with electronic systems. For more information and help about fixing a Unichip to your vehicle, please get in touch with us at Unichip Europe.




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