Maps: Finding your Way.

Unichip Europe pride themselves in developing unique maps for your programmed Unichip Module. Typically, tuning boxes with several maps available opt to give you more power incrementally. Not with Unichip Europe.

You will have seen maps by us such as "Towing / Off-road", "Anti - Theft", or "Performance" on our Plug and Play ECU Tuning Kit shop listings. They're all radically different from each other, and they're all included to give you a new distinctive ability during your driving experience, not just giving you more power, but totally changing the way you think about driving.


 Unichip Anti Theft Map Image

Anti - Theft

 Immobilizers are expensive. Why pay more?

In most instances, the Anti - Theft Immobilizer maps are programmed to prevent your car from turning over once active. Couple this with an external switch & your vehicle security is dramatically improved.


 Unichip Towing Map Icon

Towing / Off - Road 

Low-end torque is your friend. 

Sharp inclines both on and off the tarmac can be troublesome. Getting off the line with a 2-tonne trailer load is even harder. This map is programmed to give you more torque available at lower - rpm. 

 unichip economy map setting icon


 Recuperate your spend with notable fuel savings. 

Designed to make more efficient use of your engine's capabilities. Not only will it gives you a slight increase in power, it'll also prevent your engine responding to heavy throttle movement. Full throttle will give you all the power you need - saving you from a sticky situation if need be.


 Unichip Day to Day Map Image

Sport +

The best of both worlds.

Superseded from "Daily Driver". Some of our Plug and Play ECU Tuning Kits are programmed with this map. It'll give you more power whilst also benefiting from a more fuel efficient map. You'll notice a massive difference in power AND your wallet.

 Unichip Performance Map Image


 All the power. All the fun. 

Instantaneous power available throughout the rev-range. The performance map is designed to give you all the power that your engine components are safely able to withstand. Conservative, but powerful.


 Unichip Standard Map Image


Your stock ECU map is available, too.

The stock map is still available to switch to, for any diagnostic and mechanical troubleshooting issues. Great as a comparison when showing off your newly found power with the module.

 Unichip Winch Map Image

 Winch Map

 Duel battery set-ups are a thing of the past.

Unichip Europe's Winch Map raises / adjusts your alternator speed, allowing the battery to still charge whilst using your winch. Available on request at the expense of another map. Choose wisely.


 Unichip Water Methanol Injection Systems Map Image

Water meth injection control

The Unichip is safely able to control water meth systems.

Get the most out of your water / methanol injection kit with a programmed Unichip tune. We're able to programme a "fail-safe" map, communicating with your water / meth kit, so your engine runs richer and timing is retarded. More info...

 Unichip Performance Plus Map Image

Performance +

Available to vehicles with uprated engine components.

Get the absolute most out of your tune with the "Performance +" map. Even more power than its counter namesake. For those times when you just want more...


 Unichip Race Map Image


With great power, comes great responsibility.

The ultimate tune, designed for seriously modified vehicles only. The "Race" map gets the absolute best out of your engine. Suitable for race spec / track vehicles only.


Generic Maps Are a Thing of The Past...

You won't get anything close to what Unichip Europe can provide with traditional ECU remapping services. Chip tuning / Tuning Boxes may provide you with 5 - 7 maps for you to choose from, but what's the point in investing in a tuning device that'll just give you repetitive instances of the same map?

Unichip's multi-map module revolutionises the way you think about tuning. These maps remodel your vehicle, giving you the choice to select from a unique set of maps for virtually any situation. They cater for a multitude of uses, on and off the tarmac, and on and off the track. 

unichip europe audi image


Every map we provide for the Unichip Plug and Play ECU Tuning Kits are built with safety in mind, too. In most instances, we are able to give your engine more power than we choose to. This is done specifically to ensure the longevity of your engine, without putting excess strain on stock engine parts, as prescribed by their original manufacturers.

Don't forget - all of our "Premium" & "Ultimate" Plug and Play ECU Tuning Kits will require you to also purchase a Unichip Map Switch, in order for you select the map you require. You can choose from several options, some of which are conveniently mounted inside of your vehicle, OR externally via the use of a Bluetooth Module or Key Fob. If our Anti - Theft map piques your interest, you may want to opt for an external map switch for added security purposes.

Want to see a real-world example of how our multi - map tuning kits work? Check out our installation blog for the Land Cruiser 79 Series, where we were able provide 5 well equipped maps, and extract well over 30% more torque and horsepower from it's 4.5L V8 engine.



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