Petrol and diesel prices reached a record high in 2022, and, largely driven by supply chain issues and greater environmental legislation, have failed to drop back to "normal" levels. This is putting pressure on consumers to find more money to pay for fuelling their vehicles. The cost of living crisis is mentioned in every newspaper and inflation is causing the price of groceries to rocket, so the consumer is left considering their options. We explore fuel saving through ECU remapping.

Options for reducing fuel spend

Of course, some people simply choose to use their cars less. For those who live within walking or cycling distance of their workplace, this is a feasible option, particularly with summer just around the corner. For those in a more remote location or with childcare responsibilities, this may be more challenging, and of course, there's always the niggling thought in the back of your mind that you didn't buy a car just to see it parked on your driveway, not being used.

You could change your car. A smaller or newer vehicle may use less fuel than your existing vehicle but the outlay required could well negate the extra weekly cost of running your vehicle, especially if it is fully paid for and has a long MOT.

You could try driving more economically. Use less throttle, take longer to accelerate, slow naturally rather than braking in order to maintain forward momentum and keep an eye on your MPG monitor. But when you're stuck in traffic or can see the open road ahead of you, this can be pretty challenging. Even the most economical drivers sometimes slip up and you cannot guard against this every delay.

One popular option is ECU remapping. ECU remapping in Essex and across the rest of the UK can save you up to £500 a year on your fuel bill by guarding against sudden throttle pedal movements and manipulating the amount of power and torque that your vehicle produces in the low and medium rev ranges. This optimisation of your vehicle often results in an improved driving experience, smoother acceleration and fewer gear changes, as well as significant fuel savings.

ECU Remapping in Essex

The Unichip Plug and Play ECU Tuning Kit with the economy map is designed to be self-installed. The piggyback unit integrates seamlessly with your vehicle's ECU and data sensors without altering any of its electrical or mechanical components.

If you are in the Essex area and want your Unichip tuning kit to be custom-calibrated to your specific vehicle to maximise the gains that are available, our team of tuning professionals would be very happy to help you. We can install and programme your tuning kit to deliver the outstanding results that you are seeking.