In order to increase the speed and power of their vehicle, many car owners decide to have their vehicles 'tuned' or 'remapped.' This tuning process overrides the original manufacturer's settings for the car without making any mechanical or physical changes to the vehicle. But can tuning the ECU in your car actually make it faster? Read on to find out.

What is ECU tuning?

Every vehicle has an ECU (engine control unit) which is essentially the computerised brain of the car that can be enhanced or replaced, either by software reprogramming or by installing a new device. The standard ECU that comes with a car when it is manufactured is usually limited to a basic range of capabilities and the speed, power, emissions and noise levels are restricted, usually because of the industry standards to which a new car has to adhere. Performance car tuning can enhance and refine your car's ECU so it is adjusted to your needs and requirements and can improve the performance potential of your vehicle.

Can performance car tuning increase the speed of your vehicle?

The short answer is yes, tuning your car can usually increase the speed capabilities of your vehicle, with many drivers reporting improvements in speed and power by up to 30%. In addition, because the engine is now working at its optimum levels, fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 10% even after achieving greater speeds and extra power. However, these figures can only be achieved if your car has a turbo. Non-turbo vehicles will not benefit from being tuned and there will only be very limited improvements that may not warrant the cost.

Performance car tuning from Unichip Europe

To get the optimal performance results from ECU tuning, it needs to be completed by a specialist using the best products and software currently available. Unichip Europe offers custom engine tuning with the Unichip Module, which piggybacks onto your car's current ECU system. At Unichip Europe, you can either opt for self-fit or dealer fit, depending on your needs and budget. The unique self-fit tuning kit has been carefully and expertly pre-programmed to benefit the performance, fuel economy and security of your vehicle. It is easy to install and is also reprogrammable if you want to move it to a new car in the future.

For a completely tailored tuning service, we have a dealer fit option so your car can be uniquely personalised to your individual needs and requirements. Unichip Europe offers a 5-star service using multi-map technology to ensure a dramatic improvement to your vehicle's performance, speed, power and fuel economy. The installation process is very straightforward, we will discuss your requirements and expectations, inspect your vehicle and then install the Unichip into your vehicle. We will then optimise the settings on the Unichip module to enhance the performance of your car and to suit your driving style.