Here at Unichip Europe, we are leading specialists in vehicle remapping. With years of experience, we have found that transit vans are ideal candidates for remapping because the improvements in performance will lead to increased fuel economy, which is a major benefit if you are frequently on the road. Read on to discover the key features and benefits of retuning the popular Ford Transit van.

How can the Unichip ECU tuning kit help your Ford Transit?

We have established that by using the Unichip X Module, our specialist tuners were able to increase the torque of the Ford Transit to +43.3HP & +115 LB-FT. There is no risk of component failure with this remapping as these figures are still within the mechanical capabilities of the engine, even with the increase in power. Once the tuning kit is installed, the amount of torque that can be achieved can exceed 400 LB-FT @ 2,250 RPM. In comparison, a Ferrari 458 Spyder can produce 398 LB-FT of torque, so you can expect great things from this remap. Ford Transit owners have found that the performance improvements offer significant enhancements in the drivability as it even affects the engine lower down the rev range. The increase in power is instantly effective and will improve your drive, especially on a cold winter morning.

What does the Unichip X Module actually do for the Ford Transit Custom Ecoblue?

The Unichip X Module has a number of great features. It can hold up to five separate programmed maps and can switch seamlessly between them in real time.

High Torque, Off-Road and Towing Map for the Ford Transit Custom Ecoblue

If you frequently carry heavy loads or tow a trailer, this element of the Unichip solution activates the torque to kick in when the vehicle is lower down the rev range, which makes carrying heavy loads much easier. You can also activate this map for improved off-roading capabilities.

Anti-theft Map

Unichip has a unique immobiliser feature that when activated, means that a thief will find that they cannot move the van as the throttle response will be completely inactive.

Economy Map

By delivering more power lower down in the rev range, this map will increase your fuel economy from between 7-12 MPG. This could result in fuel savings of £250 a year if you drive around 10,000 miles annually.

Performance Map

This map boosts the power of your transit vehicle across the whole rev range. Even boosting the different components by 1% can noticeably improve your vehicle performance.

Standard Map

Even with the Unichip Module installed, you can still access the original map of your transit in case of any mechanical faults or problems. You can also use this original map to compare all the performance gains delivered when using the Unichip Module.