There are so many reasons to install a tuning box in your vehicle. Perhaps you want to improve the security of your vehicle, improve its fuel economy or simply get more power out of its engine? Whatever the reason, there is a tuning box to suit your needs.

What is a tuning box?

Tuning boxes are typically plug and play units that are installed into your vehicle to interact with its ECU and data sensors, allowing you to extract more horsepower from your engine without any negative effects on its electrical and mechanical components. Essentially, a tuning box optimises the factory settings of your vehicle's ECU and allows it to perform as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Best tuning boxes in the UK

There are many tuning boxes on the market and they all promise to improve the performance of your vehicle, but when deciding which to buy, you should consider a few important factors.

1. Ease of installation: You may not keep your vehicle until its end of life and if you decide to change your car, you will probably want to remove the tuning box to sell separately or to install it in your next car. You may also choose to remove the tuning box when presenting your vehicle for MOTs or servicing, so choosing a plug and play unit that is simple to install is a sensible idea.

2. Customisation: Many tuning boxes offer a very crude level of functionality so if you wish to truly optimise your vehicle's output, you should select a tuning box that allows you to customise a range of engine parameters to gain maximum benefit from its installation.

3. Value for money: Some tuning boxes will improve the performance of your vehicle at the expense of its running costs. They can increase the torque to the point at which mechanical components can be put at risk or have a negative impact on your vehicle's fuel economy. The best tuning boxes in the UK are those that work with your vehicle, optimising its performance and increasing its fuel efficiency without pushing its mechanical or electrical components beyond their limits.

The Unichip Plug and Play ECU Tuning Kit

The Unichip Plug and Play ECU Tuning Kit is a piggyback plug and play unit with a difference. Offering five customisable maps, it allows users to personalise their driving experience, not only increasing the power output of their vehicle by up to 30% but also protecting it from theft and reducing their annual fuel bills.

For drivers who occasionally use their vehicles off road or for towing, there is a map for that too! The towing/off road map delivers increased torque in the lower rev ranges, making hill-starts trouble-free and easing the burden on your vehicle's engine that would typically be associated with pulling a heavy load.