Why Remap when you can choose the best tuning boxes in the UK?

When a car is delivered from the factory, fresh off the production line, the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) will be set up in a fairly generic way to take into account the wide variety of environments in which the vehicle will be used, to keep emissions within the rules and more broadly, to avoid stress on the engine, reducing warranty claims and inconvenience.

This is, of course, fine for most users in day-to-day motoring situations, but drivers with specific needs looking to optimise the performance of their cars can choose either remapping or a tuning box. Track racing or off-road use are prime examples where this would be an advantage, but many owners simply want to get the most out of a high-performance car or 4x4 during regular use.

Clearly, what can be achieved varies from car to car. Remapping is done by simply plugging a laptop into the car and changing its software. We say simply, but of course, this should always be carried out by professionals. It is worth bearing in mind that this can often nullify any warranty you may have or invalidate standard car insurance, so this should always be checked beforehand so that you can make any adjustments or change policies to keep it all legal.

Why choose a Unichip tuning box?

While a remap can improve performance in a specific area, it cannot provide the range of improvements delivered by a Unichip plug-and-play ECU tuning kit. You will have at your fingertips the options to improve anti-theft, economy, performance, winching, towing, sports, racing and injection control, for example. You can switch between maps using an internally mounted switch. For those who prefer to keep their car interiors original, there are the options of a key fob type switch or an external Bluetooth control.

In addition to all of the above, you will still retain the option of your manufacturer-installed standard ECU map for diagnosing engine and mechanical problems. It is not hard to see why these are the best tuning boxes in the UK. With great performance, of course, come great responsibility, and our Unichip tuning boxes are designed first and foremost with safety in mind. The power will always be limited to a range with which the manufacturer's engine parts can cope, thereby ensuring the longevity and reliability of the vehicle and avoiding any unwelcome mechanical issues or unexpected costs.

Avail the best tuning boxes in the UK

Modern life means we are used to having control and require the ability to change things quickly and easily to suit our ever-evolving needs. With engine tuning, this was not always possible until the Unichip Tuning Box, a real game-changer. There is simply no comparison to a standard, generic remap. Put yourself in control by choosing a Unichip tuning Box.