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  • Congratulations - you've got your hands on a 9 - digit serial key and are now entitled to receive a £50 discount on any of Unichip Europe's Premium / Deluxe / Ultimate Edition Plug and Play ECU Tuning Boxes!
  • Claiming your discount couldn't be easier; simply follow the steps we've outlined below.
  • Please be aware that this offer is for those buying one of Unichip Europe's multi - map tuning boxes ONLY. Any use of this discount code for products other than these will result in us rejecting your purchase.   


#1: Choosing Your Kit.

Head on over to the Unichip Europe Shop, find the Premium / Ultimate / Deluxe Kit for your chosen vehicle. If applicable, please also make sure to purchase a map switch too!
Some of our Newer editions to our shop include the map switch incorporated into the price (currently Transit Custom & Ranger Kits only), so make sure you grab your map switch for older vehicles! 

Browse our Shop... 

 buying your Unichip Plug and Play ECU Tuning Kit


#2: Checkout Page.

Once you've selected your kit and map switch (if applicable), hit "proceed to checkout" - this will take you to our payment / checkout page where you'll be able to enter your unique 9 digit serial key provided on the voucher.

Need help? Don't be afraid to get in touch with us. 

Contact Us. 

proceed to checkout unichip referral scheme for plug and play kits 



#3: Entering your Serial Key.

When you've arrived at our checkout page, in the bottom left corner, click "Add A Discount Code". This is located underneath your purchase order for mobile users.

Enter in your code exactly as printed on your voucher (ABC-123-DEF). Press "Submit Code" - your code is now activated!

Contact Us. 

 entering your 9 digit serial key | unichip europe ecu tuning kits


Terms & Conditions:

  • Only 1 code per purchasing customer. Your friend / families referral code is valid for up to 3 months from the day we dispatched your original product. The £50 discount is only redeemable through using this voucher. This voucher is only redeemable on Unichip Europe's range of Premium / Ultimate / Deluxe "Plug & Play Kits". Please ensure all details you provide on our contact form are factual & correct.
  • The original purchaser is entitled to 10% off re-programming their Unichip Module. This does not include any further discounts on a harnesses or any other accessories you may need to render your Unichip workable on another engine's ECU.
  • Please note: In order to redeem your reprogramming discount, please make a note this coupon's unique 9-digit code before passing it on.


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