Choosing the right map switch for you.

Unichip Europe provide several options for you to switch between your maps, in real time. Each switch has its own set of advantages / disadvantages, dependant on your own application and usage. 

Choose between internally mounted switches, which can be homed virtually anywhere on your dashboard or within arm's reach. We also provide external map switches too, for those who'd optimize the security benefits of our Anti - Theft map, who'd rather not have a switch ravage their vehicle's interior, who'd prefer Bluetooth connectivity OR those wanting to take advantage of the extra programmable buttons of the Key Fob switch.

In this short article, we're aiming to provide you with enough information on each map, so you can make an informed decision as to what's best for you. And remember, if you need any expert advice from the horse's mouth, we're only a phone call or a message away - get in touch with us!


 Unichip Europe Map Switch Membrane Edition Image

Membrane Edition

 Up. Down. Simple. Mounted internally.

Our LED illuminated Membrane Edition switch functions for both road & motorsport usage. Simple up / down arrows to switch between maps. Intuitive, simple, affordable. More information...


 Unichip Europe Map Switch Rotary Edition Image

Rotary Edition 

Non chronological switching. Mounted internally.

Effortlessly switch between whichever map you need with the LED illuminate Rotary Edition switch. The ergonomic 5 positional dial is easy to use and suitable for all applications. More information...

 Unichip Europe Map Switch Unichip Q Bluetooth Edition Image

Bluetooth Edition (Q / Q+)

Phone connectivity for the Q / Q+ Modules. 

The "UniMaps" App is available for all iOS / Android Devices. Ideal for those who'd prefer to keep their interior as it is. No thrills, quick loading, easy to use. More information...


 Unichip Europe Map Switch Unichip X Bluetooth Edition Image

Bluetooth Edition (X)

Phone Connectivity for the X Module.

The "UniMaps" App is available for all iOS / Android Devices. Ideal for those who'd prefer to keep their interior as it is. No thrills, quick loading, easy to use. More information...

 Unichip Europe Map Switch Key Fob Edition Image

Key Fob Edition

Added security. 7 programmable buttons. 2 for you.

Secure it to your keyring, never go without it. 5 buttons are reserved for your module, 2 buttons can be programmed for gate / garage control. Comes with 3 coloured button overlays. More information...


 Unichip Europe Map Switch Unsure Image

Still Unsure...?

Get in touch with us now. 

The paradox of choice can be overwhelming when there's money on the line. We'll talk you through our map switches in more detail if you'd prefer.
Get in touch with us now...


5 Options. 1 Choice...

We're proud to distribute every one of our switches. They're functional, incredibly easy to use and are designed to be as less intrusive as possible. Their durability lies in the use of high grade materials and quality assembly.

You'll notice on this map guide / product listings that we've suggested what they're best suited to, whether that's off-road use, motorsport use or road use. Ultimately, it does not matter. Obviously, if you're planning on green-laning or serious off-road trekking, you'll probably benefit from using an interior mounted switch rather than a Bluetooth device - having a switch within arm's reach just makes sense. The same applies to track vehicles; don't buy the Bluetooth Edition...

Those with more luxurious vehicles or those who are unwilling to ruin the interior feel should opt for the Key Fob Edition / Bluetooth switches. The Key Fob switch will come with a diagram, explaining what map is programmed to which button. The "UniMaps" app for Bluetooth devices is customisable, so you may change the names of the maps according to your preference (maybe changing the performance map's name to an expletive is more appropriate..?). 

As mentioned above, if you're unsure about what map switch to pick, or simply need one of our expert tuners to talk you through them in more detail, we can help you. Our workshop is open 9AM - 5PM GMT, Monday to Friday. Please be patient if you're messaging outside of these hours, we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 



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