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Key Features of the Ford Transit Custom Ecoblue

Find out about how the Unichip ECU Tuning kit can improve the Ford Transit Custom Ecoblue.  more  

Tuning Box VS Remapping - A Comparative Analysis

Unichip Europe offers the best tuning boxes in the UK. We know decisions can be tough so why limit yourself to a single remap when you can have the full toolbox?  more  

5 Things You Should Know About ECU Remapping

Boost your car’s power WITH ECU remapping in Essex. Tuning and mapping can help you get the best from your car.  more  

How ECU Tuning Can Make Your Car Faster?

Performance car tuning can increase the speed and power of your vehicle by up to 30%.  more  

Is A Piggyback ECU Tuner Worth Investing in?

Achieve your desired tuning results. Boost your car's power and performance. Retain OBD-II compliance. Make the most of a Piggyback ECU tuner.  more  

What Are The Benefits Of Tuning Your Car Engine?

Aftermarket engine tuning has many benefits. However, it must be professionally implemented by skilled technicians.  more  

Fuel Economy Mapping - Raising The Industry Standard

Life is short. Fuel is expensive. Find out how Unichip Europe can comfortably save you £500 p/annum with our Fuel Economy Mapping, whilst also retaining the benefits of a custom mu...  more  

E5, E10 & The Unichip Module | Multi-Fuel Mapping!

Spending too much on your daily commute? Not having as much fun as you'd like on the weekends? We've got what you need in the form of multi-fuel mapping.  more  

Land Cruiser 300 Series Remap / ECU Tuning | Unichip Europe

21st century Land Cruiser tuning is Unichip Europe's forte. Find out more about Land Cruiser 300 Series tuning with the Unichip Module.  more  

Buying A Second Hand Unichip - Too Good To Be True?

As with most second hand purchases, there's always an element of risk involved. Even more so with a product as refined as the Unichip module. Find out why.  more  

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