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Pre-programmed Tuning kit for your BMW Car

BMW engine tuning significantly enhances the power and performance of your BMW. Learn more and get the most from your BMW.  more  

What is Anti-Theft GPS? How does it work?

Custom engine tuning specialists are often called upon to fit anti-theft GPS tracking. We explore how this works.  more  

ECU Flash vs Piggyback: What's the Difference

Learn the difference between ECU Flash and Piggyback ECU tuner approaches to car tuning and parameter control from this blog.  more  

What's The Difference Between Chipping and Remapping?

Boost performance and power via Toyota engine tuning that can extract impressive performance from your Toyota in both horsepower and torque.  more  

5 Best Features of The Ford Transit Custom EcoBlue

Increase power and torque from the fuel-saving Ford Transit Custom EcoBlue.  more  

The Ultimate Guide to Tuning Boxes

The Unichip Plug and Play ECU Tuning Kit is amongst the best tuning boxes in the UK, offering optimal performance and value for money.  more  

How ECU Remapping Can Improve Fuel Efficiency?

ECU remapping in Essex and, with self-installation, across the whole of the UK, can save you money on fuel.  more  

What You Need to Know About BMW EngineĀ Remapping

Improve your car's performance with BMW engine remapping, a safe and simple process. Extract extra horsepower and torque.  more  

Deep Dive on the Functioning of the Performance Chip

The performance chip for the Toyota Land Cruiser price is considered very reasonable for the extra usability that it delivers.  more  

How Does Ignition Timing Affect Engine Performance?

Are you thinking of an engine performance upgrade? The Unichip module gives you ultimate control.  more  

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