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The Unichip Resurgence - Why is Unichip Gaining Popularity?

Is OEM remapping on it's way out? Are supplementary / standalone ECU's in?   more  

Ford Transit Custom: Accessories Spotlight.

Our list of the weird, wonderful & downright useful Ford Transit Custom accessories available on the market right now.  more  

Which Switch? The Ultimate Guide.

We provide our customers with multiple ways to switch between their Unichip Module's maps - but which one is best for you?   more  

10 Must Have Accessories for your New Ford Ranger.

There's no surprise that the UK's most popular pickup has a myriad of aftermarket goodies to go with it...  more  

Plug and Play Kits: All You Need to Know - Unichip Europe

5 Custom Map Settings. 1 Plug & Play Kit. Everything you need to know is here.   more  

Unichip Europe | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Picking the right ECU performance chip for your vehicle is tough. We've identified 10 questions we get frequently asked, to make your choice a little easier!  more  

ECU Remap vs. Unichip | What's Right for Me?

Struggling to tell the difference? I hope you're sitting comfortably...  more  

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