A to B: From Workshop to Road...

Curious as to what happened behind the scenes once you've ordered your Unichip ECU Tuning Kit? 

There's 6 steps between you and your Unichip. Read on...


 Unichip buying process step 1 order

#1 - Order Placed.

 We're notified of your online order.

Your order is sent electronically to our UK based (Basildon) workshop, ready to be assembled in 3 - 5 working days.


 Unichip buying process step 2 programming

#2 - Programming Begins. 

Your Unichip Module comes to life.

Once our technicians receive details of your order, the installation of your map begins for your exact make / model onto the Unichip module.

 Unichip buying process step 3 harness and wiring

#3 - Harness & Wiring Added.

Assembled, wired, soldered, loved.

The harness and wiring are integral to the Unichip. Without it, you'd have no way of plugging it into your vehicle's ECU!


 Unichip buying process step 4 quality assurance

#4 - Quality Assurance.

8 point check for any discrepancies. 

A rigorous 8 point check is carried out by a separate technician, ensuring total build quality across the board.

 Unichip buying process step 5 courier

#5 - Courier Pickup.

It's on it's way to you.

We'll send off your securely packaged Unichip Tuning Kit via courier / first class post. Not long until you receive it now...


 Unichip buying process step 6 delivered and plug in

#6 - Knock knock...

Christmas comes early. Plug, play - you're away!

Your Unichip Kit has arrived! Carefully unpackage it, plug it directly into your existing ECU ports, and go for a drive. You're going to be blown away...


Congratulations! Your vehicle is now an absolute animal.


An animal that's safe to use and poses no risk to your engine's mechanical components, of course. Your ECU Tuning Kit is unlike any other - powerful, versatile and genuinely useful.

Forget remapping, forget rudimental chip tuning boxes. You've just bought a multi-processing ECU tuning device. You've just got yourself a Unichip.


Don't forget, if you've got your hands on a "Premium" or "Ultimate" Kit, you'll also be needing to purchase a Map Switch in order to access our 5 pre-programmed maps. More information can be found about our range here. Already know what you want? Here's our Map Switch shop section.

And, if you'd like to know more about the range of maps available, you can take a peek at our short guide here.



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