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What is a 'Tuning Box' & why are Unichip Modules unique?

 Simply put, a rudimentary Tuning Box is designed to intercept signals between your vehicle's ECU (Engine Control Unit), in an attempt to force your ECU into injecting more fuel into the cylinders - thereby creating more power. 

We are not the same.

The Unichip Module is better described as a "Universal Multi - Processor ECU Tuning Tool". The Unichip adjusts more than just an engine's fuel & ignition requirements. There are a myriad of other engine parameters it can control, giving our team of passionate and meticulous tuners MUCH more control & refinement when it comes to tuning your engine - creating truly customisable tuning boxes.

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What our customers are saying...



"It's a totally different car to drive - responsive as hell and pulls better than I could have hoped for. And no, they are not cheap but like anything that is any good isn't. Richard who done the mapping seriously knows his stuff check them out, I'd give them 11 out of 10 if I could..."

J. Morgan, UK | 03/22


"If you're running a 1HD-FTE don't waste time and money on other chips that might be cheaper, but really can't be compared to the Unichip. It's the only solution that has the necessary map-ability, fuel cut defence, and boost control capabilities necessary to make the FTE engine really come alive..."

- F Valeur, DK | 04/22


Plug & Play ECU Tuning Boxes.

Pre - Harnessed. Pre - Programmed. Easily Installable. Instantaneous power at your fingertips.

Ford Ranger Bi Turbo 213PS ECU Tuning Box by Unichip Europe

 New: Ford Ranger 2.0L Bi - Turbo 213PS ECU Tuning Box. 

One of our latest editions to our shop. Up to 5 maps, tailored and chosen specifically for the New Ranger to match it's aggressive styling.

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Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series ECU Tuning Kit 1998 - 2002 1HDFTE Promotional Image by Unichip Europe

Popular: Land Cruiser 4.2L 100 Series "Amazon" ECU Tuning Box.

144 LB-FT of torque turns your Land Cruiser into an absolute animal. 0 - 60MPH time reduces by 3 seconds. Up to 5 specifically tailored maps. 

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Land Cruiser 200 Series ECU Tuning Kit Remap Piggyback ECU Unichip

Popular: Land Cruiser 200 Series (Post DPF) ECU Tuning Box.

The best money/power ratioed tuning device for the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series. Ever. +235.5 FT-LBs will totally transform your 4x4 experience.

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Custom Unichip Installation / Calibrations.

  • The majority of our time in our Essex - Based workshop is spent installing & creating custom calibrations - specific to application. 
  • In most instances (>90%), our clients have modified vehicles. The Unichip Module is a fantastic choice for creating tunes due to it's pure capability as a tuning tool, rivalling expensive / complex popular aftermarket ECU's which, thanks to the Unichip, are now obsolete as a practical tuning choice. 
  • So, whether you've got 100HP or 1,000HP under the bonnet, the Unichip Module is able to be used as a sophisticated tuning solution!

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 subaru impreza unichip x module tuning

Modification Made Easy

Cars today are beautifully engineered – they are an intricate fusion of thousands of different components that are all designed to run in efficient unison. The many sections of your car are all controlled by the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and you would think that when you purchase a new car, it's built to run optimally. However, this is rarely the case. When developing vehicle engine management systems, car manufacturers will often make compromises to account for the different operations and environments that a car will operate in.

No two cars are the same under the bonnet – and no two cars will experience the same climate, fuel quality, service intervals and driving styles.

As a result, car manufacturers will fix the engine management systems of the car with settings (also known as a map), that are middle of the road, geared towards the typical driver – this does not often account for European driving styles and high-quality fuels. Those who wish to modify their car and increase efficiency, can modify the ECU – but this does not always work in the intended manner, can seriously harm other aspects of the car and may even prove to be dangerous.

 That's where Unichip steps in…




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 Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Unichip? 

Designed to improve the performance of any petrol and diesel car, Unichip works by optimising the standardised settings of your ECU. The Unichip allows you to boost performance as well as improve fuel economy, vehicle security & give you complete control over how your car operates.

A Unichip can be installed through a dealer fit or by yourself through a Unichip Plug and Play Kit. Whichever method you choose to connect a Unichip – it will give you greater control so that you can increase the power of your car.

 What Is the Unichip Plug & Play Tuning Box? 

Unichip Europe's Plug and Play Tuning Boxes are our most convenient way of tuning stock vehicles. Complete with a wiring harness, these products come delivered pre-tuned & ready to plug into your existing ECU in a matter of minutes. 

They're installed without tampering or interfering with your car's internal components, so whether your vehicle's on a HPA / Lease agreement, you can rest assured your vehicle can be returned exactly the way it was. 

We stock a range of products for a range of budgets; but if you're looking to completely transform your driving experience, our Premium / Deluxe / Ultimate Editions grant you access to 5 specifically tailored maps for virtually every driving application. So, whether you're looking for a petrol tuning box or a diesel tuning box - Unichip Europe are able to provide!

Once you've placed your order, our team get to work on assembling and programming your kit. It's then shipped to you ready to plug in, granting you instantaneous power from the comfort of your own driveway.

Read more about the whole order process here.  

 How Long Does It Take to Fit?

Typically, the Unichip Tuning Kits take 30 - 45 minutes to install with a very basic mechanical understanding. Find your vehicle's ECU, unplug the connections, plug in your Unichip kit, and then plug your existing ECU connections into the Unichip wiring harness to complete the circuit.

Some older vehicles, such as the early Land Cruiser 100 Series models, have a conventional actuator-controlled wastegate turbo. You may need a Unichip Boost Control Kit in order to control boost pressure, which adds a further few steps and prolongs the installation process by another 30 minutes or so. Don't worry though - we've got a comprehensive guides complete with image guidance to help you through it. 

  What Are the Benefits?

Unichip is an advanced physical map-based system that will track driver demand and driver RPM, and manipulate those signals in a very specific way. The all-encompassing nature of the Unichip means that it can manipulate throttle maps, injection pump timing as well as adjust boost pressure with total accuracy. Alternatives such as tuning boxes and re-flashes are far cruder in comparison and offer far less control when modifying your car.

Furthermore, one of the greatest benefits of Unichip is that with the there is never any trace left on the car that a Unichip was installed. When you modify a car rudimentarily through a re-flash, this will be logged in the car, and will be detected by the supplier of the car. If you have a car under warranty or through a hire purchase agreement it is even more inadvisable. With a Unichip, you can modify your car safely and discreetly giving you total peace of mind.

An additional, significant benefit of Unichip is that for those owners concerned about the vulnerability of their car – an immobilizer security map can be installed, to secure your car against the current trend of key cloning and vehicle theft. Anyone attempting to drive your car without your key, will soon find that it has been rendered useless. This is complimentary addition to most Premium / Ultimate Plug and Play Kits that we stock. 

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Unichip Performance Case Studies

We regularly install Unichip products into vehicles and test them on our own dyno. You can find in-depth analysis and test results by clicking below, or contact us for more information about installing Unichip in to your car.

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Introducing Unichip Marine

Unichip Marine is a sophisticated ECU (Engine Control Unit) that will give your boat better fuel economy, improved safety and better performance. Old technology and the marine environment mean that many boats suffer from engine problems, with some related to fuel flow issues as a result of poor fuel quality – with many owners blissfully unaware.

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