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The most technologically advanced ECU chipping module in the world.

Fully Customisable. Feature-rich technology. 500,000+ Units sold. Trusted & utilised in 67 countries globally. Boost Performance & Increase Fuel Economy with Unichip Europe.

Unichip is an advanced performance chip, designed specifically to give you greater control over how your car operates. The Unichip is fitted or piggybacked, between the ECU and engine sensors and takes over nearly all of the vehicles controls so you can tailor everything precisely to your specifications.

Anti-theft "immobilizer" maps are also complementary to many of our installs & Plug & Play Kits. If you are looking to increase the potential and productivity of your car with no trace left on the car should you uninstall, Unichip is the only way to do it.

Sports cars, track toys, 4x4's, hot hatches, and everything in between. Over 98% of vehicles currently on the roads are able to reap the benefits that Unichip can provide. 

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We are the official distributor for Dastek's Unichip in the UK. 

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Unichip X Module - Unichip Europe ECU Chip

NEW : Ford Transit Custom 170PS Edition (Plug & Play).


173.3 HP  213.3 HP. 

     +39.8 HP. 

 285.0 FT-LBS  400.0 FT-LBS.

    +115.0 FT-LBS.

5 x Selectable Maps.

130PS Edition also available!




transit custom 170ps unichip kit


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Unichip Europe Plug and Play ECU tune kit

Unichip Europe Book Dealer Fit ECU Tune Mapping


Modification Made Easy

Cars today are beautifully engineered – they are an intricate fusion of thousands of different components that are all designed to run in efficient unison. The many sections of your car are all controlled by the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and you would think that when you purchase a new car, it's built to run optimally. However, this is rarely the case. When developing vehicle engine management systems, car manufacturers will often make compromises to account for the different operations and environments that a car will operate in.

No two cars are the same under the bonnet – and no two cars will experience the same climate, fuel quality, service intervals and driving styles.

As a result, car manufacturers will fix the engine management systems of the car with settings (also known as a map), that are middle of the road, geared towards the typical driver – this does not often account for European driving styles and high-quality fuels. Those who wish to modify their car and increase efficiency, can modify the ECU – but this does not always work in the intended manner, can seriously harm other aspects of the car and may even prove to be dangerous.

 That’s where Unichip steps in…




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New RF Wireless Map Select Switch

  • Wireless Map Selection
  • Multipurpose Control
  • Multi Unichip Connectivity 
  • Long Range Communication
  • CR2032 Battery Replacement
  • Easy Installation


 Unichip wireless Map select UK


 Frequently Asked Questions




What Is Unichip? 

Designed to improve the performance of any petrol and diesel car, Unichip works by optimising the standardised settings of your ECU. The Unichip allows you to boost performance as well as improve fuel economy, vehicle security & give you complete control over how your car operates.

A Unichip can be installed through a dealer fit or by yourself through a Unichip Plug and Play Kit. Whichever method you choose to connect a Unichip – it will give you greater control so that you can increase the power of your car.

 What Is the Unichip Plug & Play Kit? 

Unichip Europe's Plug and Play Kits are specially designed plug and play wiring harness that can be installed without tampering and interfering with your car. We are constantly building up our database of vehicles so that whichever vehicle you own, we can find the appropriate tuned file and wiring. We will package it and send it to you, so that you can easily connect your kit in minutes.

 How Long Does It Take to Fit?

How fast a Unichip can be installed depends on the type of vehicle that you own. The vast majority of Unichips can be installed in less than a day. If you have purchased a Plug & Play Kit, this can be easily installed by yourself, so you can add or remove the Unichip whenever and wherever you want.

  What Are the Benefits?

Unichip is an advanced physical map-based system that will track driver demand and driver RPM, and manipulate those signals in a very specific way. The all-encompassing nature of the Unichip means that it can manipulate throttle maps, injection pump timing as well as adjust boost pressure with total accuracy. Alternatives such as tuning boxes and re-flashes are far cruder in comparison and offer far less control when modifying your car.

Furthermore, one of the greatest benefits of Unichip is that with the there is never any trace left on the car that a Unichip was installed. When you modify a car rudimentarily through a re-flash, this will be logged in the car, and will be detected by the supplier of the car. If you have a car under warranty or through a hire purchase agreement it is even more inadvisable. With a Unichip , you can modify your car safely and discreetly giving you total peace of mind.

An additional, significant benefit of Unichip is that for those owners concerned about the vulnerability of their car – an immobilizer security map can be installed, to secure your car against the current trend of key cloning and vehicle theft. Anyone attempting to drive your car without your key, will soon find that it has been rendered useless.

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Which Vehicles Can Be Fitted with Unichip?

There are three kinds of vehicles that will benefit greatly from the Unichip product:

fit a new car with unichip UK

Modern Cars

Any car can be fitted with a Unichip so long as it runs a modern ECU – which is normally any car built after 1995. Broadly speaking, any fuel injected car be controlled and modified with a Unichip.

Cars Under Warranty/Lease Hire Purchase

Drivers who wish to make modifications on cars that they do not own outright, can take advantage of the Unichip U-Fit PowerPlug range.

Modify your car with unichip ecu uk?

Modified Cars

For those with a car that want it modified, so that it is tuned perfectly – Unichip is the only way to do it.


If you would like further details about the vehicles that can benefit from Unichip, contact us.




Unichip Performance Case Studies

We regularly install Unichip products into vehicles and test them on our own dyno. You can find in-depth analysis and test results by clicking below, or contact us for more information about installing Unichip in to your car.

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 Introducing Unichip Marine

Unichip Marine is a sophisticated ECU (Engine Control Unit) that will give your boat better fuel economy, improved safety and better performance. Old technology and the marine environment mean that many boats suffer from engine problems, with some related to fuel flow issues as a result of poor fuel quality – with many owners blissfully unaware.



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